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List of Star Trek aliens Wikipedia

The species was named in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Rivals. ElAurians appear outwardly identical to humans, and have a variety of ethnic types, with both dark and lightskinned members of the race being shown on various Star Trek movies and television episodes. They can live well over 700 years.

Star Trek: Fleet Captains BoardGameGeek

Large Hex Map Tiles Battle between Federation and Klingons for ClassM Planet.

How Star Trek: Discovery Bungled Michael Burnham039s Path to

Star Trek is made better by featuring diverse characters and telling stories about the wide variety of people and alien species, where applicable who look to the stars with wonder and boldly go

star trek fleet captains eBay

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4 Player Star Trek: Fleet Captains BoardGameGeek

Is this really 3 and 4 player Why dose everyone tell me it is a two player game

Star Trek : Fleet Captains

Star Trek : Fleet Captains has 621 members. Star Trek: Fleet Captains is an Adventure / Strategy board game. It uses miniature Starships with the heroclix system and Cards to play ,the game includes ships and characters from all 5 Star Trek series and the 10 movies from the Real canon universe.

Talarian Memory Alpha Fandom

The Talarians were a warpcapable humanoid species from the Talarian homeworld. They were native to the Alpha Quadrant and the name of their government was the Talarian Republic. 1 Physiology 2 Society and history 3 Technology and militia 3.1 Ship types 4 People 5 Appendices 5.1 See also 5.2 Background information 5.3 Apocrypha 5.4 External link Talarians were characterized by a distinctive

Top 10 Star Trek Enemy Races and Groups Starloggers

Star Trek has a rich trove of enemy alien races and organizations that have plagued our heroes throughout the many films and TV shows. Aside from being formidable, many of the opponents featured in the beloved scifi franchise were actually more complex and layered, which is why they resonate so much with fandom.

Borg Memory Alpha Fandom

The sequel miniseries Star Trek: Nero has the Borg, the Narada and Vger originating from an unknown civilization on the machine planet that was seen inside Vger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The Star Trek: The Manga story Side Effects in Shinsei Shinsei provided a different story to the creation of the Borg, with an experiment gone wrong to save a race through the daughter of one of

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